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Has The Operation Of The Following Equipment Been Studied And Fully Understood?
     Bridge and deck lighting
     Emergency arrangements in the even of main power failure
     Navigation and signal light, including
     Search lights, signaling lamp, morse light
     Sound signaling apparatus, including
     Fog bell and signal system
     Safety equipment, including
     LSA equipment including pyrotechnics, EPIREB and SART
     Bridge fire detection panel
     General and fire alarm signaling arrangements
     Emergency pump, ventilation and water-tight door controls
     Internal ship communication facilities, including
     Portable radios
     Emergency ‘batteryless’ phone system
     Public address system
     External communication equipment, including
     VHF and GMDSS equipment
     Alarm system on bridge
     Echo sounder
     Electronic navigational position fixing system
     Gyro compass /repeaters
     Magnetic compass
     Off-course alarm
     Radar including ARPA
     Speed and distance recorder
     Engine and thruster controls
      Steering gear, including manual, auto pilot and emergency changeover and testing arrangement (see annex A7)
     Automatic track-keeping system, if fitted
     ECDIS and electronic charts, if fitted
       IBS functions, if fitted
     Location and operation of ancillary bridge equipment (e.g. binoculars, signaling flags, meteorological equipment)?
     Stowage of chart and hydrographic publication?
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